A handful of fishermen can be found on the City Pier (opposite Brophy's) every Saturday selling crab, shrimp, rockfish, ling cod, black cod, halibut, urchin, abalone (sustainably farmed), and other catch of the day items - with unbeatable prices and unsurpassed freshness and quality.

Hours -  6:00 - 11:00 AM every Saturday, year round

Interested in being a Seafood Vendor at the Saturday Market? Click Here.

Thanks to the following sponsors for supporting this weekly event: Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region, FishSB, Waterfront Dept., CFSB, SB Fish Market, and South Bay Cable/Fisheries Liason Committee, Inc.

Read about a trip to the Saturday Fisherman's Market here

Vendors of the Saturday Market, Summer 2017:

  • Paul Teall -- rockfish, ling cod, rock crab, whelk (snails), shark, octopus
  • Ron Evon/Stephanie Mutz/Harry Liquornik -- live urchin, lobster
  • The Cultured Abalone -- live abalone and ogo seaweed
  • Donna and Cliff Kent -- halibut, yellowtail, makerel, sole, white seabass, bonito
  • Garret Rose -- black cod, thornyhead and rock crab, oysters
  • Ron Ellis -- live box crab
  • Morgan Castagnola - live ridgeback shrimp

You can call or text vendors in advance to pre-order or ask questions:

  • Paul Teall - (805) 455-5794
  • Stephanie Mutz - (805) 708-4969
  • Ron Evon - (805) 729-7688
  • The Cultured Abalone farm (Doug) - (805) 729-4830
  • Donna Kent - (805) 886-8431
  • Garret Rose - (805) 464-1711
  • Ron Ellis - (805) 450-4860
  • Morgan Castagnola - (805) 331-1159
LISTEN: NPR covers the 'resurgence at the Saturday Fishermen's Market' More photos:

LISTEN: NPR covers the 'resurgence at the Saturday Fishermen's Market'

More photos: