Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara (CFSB) is a 501(c)(3) organization working to make our local fishing community resilient and effective in its efforts to: 

  •  provide healthy, high quality seafood to local and global markets
  • ensure the economic and biological sustainability of fisheries
  • maintain California's fishing heritage.

To fulfill these goals and foster innovation, we connect fishermen, scientists, community leaders and industry supporters.

We pursue new collaborations with trust, respect and transparency.

By building knowledge and skills, we create new human capital to achieve our vision of fisheries co-management, wherein fishermen share responsibility with government in protecting our resources and preserving ocean health.


  • support new scientific research
  • participate in moving fisheries management and policy forward
  • establish resource monitoring protocols
  • implement effective stock assessment data collection
  • add value to the products and industry of our commercial fishermen
  • innovate fishing practices to enhance sustainability

For forty years CFSB has vigorously worked toward improving the biological and economic sustainability of fisheries.  We continue to pursue these goals and more in 2017, and we appreciate your support.


(See our Activities page for the latest...)


  • Create a fund to support collaborative research projects that address critical science gaps about our local ocean and fisheries.
  • Start a Community Quota Bank for managing groundfish quota, as in Morro Bay.
  • Raise funds to create "Fisherman's Village," a dedicated parcel in the Waterfront for gear and boat storage and an interpretive center on local fishing heritage.
  • Raise funds to conduct more fisheries workshops for the community.