Teall Family Poached Rockfish Recipe

This recipe uses a filleted rock fish and the fish carcass. However, the recipe can be made without the fish stock, adding extra wine, or by substituting chicken or veggie broth for fish stock.



·      2-4 rockfish fillets

·      1-2 onions chopped

·      Chopped garlic to taste

·      1-2 tomatoes chopped

·      1 cup white wine

·      1 cup fish stock made from the fish carcass (See below)

·      Optional: 1 T heavy cream

·      1 T capers

Make the stock:

·      Put a large stock pot over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and chopped onion, celery and seasonings.

·      Saute until beginning to brown.

·      Add the fish carcass in a few pieces and water to cover it.

·      Boil 40 min, remove fish carcass or strain the stock.

Cook the fillets:

·      In a large pan heat olive oil over medium heat.

·      Cook onions and garlic til very soft, ~10 min

·      Add tomatoes and boil down 5 min

·      Add 1 c. fish stock, 1 c. white wine, boil down  10 min

·      Add fillets on top of the veggies. Cover the pan and simmer 4-5 min till cooked through.

·      Add heavy crème and capers and mix in.

Serve fillets and sauce over a bed of fettucine.