Coast Guard Regulations - comments wanted

Note the July 10th Deadline

Evaluation of Existing Coast Guard Regulations: Executive Order 13771, dated January 30, 2017, ordered that for every one new regulation issued, at least two prior regulations must be identified for elimination. With Executive Order 13777, dated February 24, 2017, the President ordered enforcement of this regulatory reform agenda and directed all agencies to take specific steps to identify and alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens on the American people.

To this end, the U.S. Coast Guard is seeking comments from the public on any USCG regulations, guidance documents, interpretive documents and collection of information Americans believe should be repealed, replaced or modified.

USCG regulations fall within three general categories in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's): Navigation, Navigable Waters, Shipping, and Transportation. The three corresponding CFR titles are: 33 CFR Chapter 1 (Parts 1-199); 46 CFR Chapters I (Parts 1-199) and III (Parts 400-499); and 49 CFR Chapter IV (Parts 400-499).

Comments can be made anonymously, and all comments received will be posted without change on the docket. The best way to comment is through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at Please reference docket number USCG-2017-0480 in your comment as well as the specific regulation, guidance document, interpretive document or collection of information you are commenting on. Please provide any specific details and supporting data you may have.

All comments and related materials must be received on or before July 10, 2017.