Crab Disaster Assistance needs YOUR assistance!

From: Noah Oppenheimer, Executive Director, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations

Subject: Outreach to Congress on crab disaster bill/appropriations

Here is a list of Senators and Members of Congress who need to hear from fishermen, processors, and business owners about fishery disaster assistance. Please share far and wide.

Read more about the status of the Disaster assistance here

I have included names, DC office addresses, relevant staffer emails, and DC office phone numbers. There are two groups: 1) Reps/Senators who are involved in the appropriations process directly, for whom the ask is to support fishery disaster appropriations for the west coast; 2) California members of Congress who represent fishermen or who might want to demonstrate support for working families, for whom the ask is to cosponsor the Speier/Huffman crab disaster assistance bill.

Santa Barbara specific info-

Ask to the Senators: "Support fishery disaster appropriations in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget"

Feinstein’s Staffer:, 202-224-3841, Building: 331 Hart SOB

Harris’s Staffer:, 202-224-3553, Building: 112 Hart SOB

Ask to Carbajal: "Cosponsor the Speier/Huffman crab disaster bill and support fishery disaster appropriations in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget"

Carbajal’s:, 202-225-3601, Building: 212 Cannon HOB

Contact info for other districts is here.

Here is my advice for ways to most effectively communicate with these offices:

- For letters: write directly to the Senator/Representative, make it personal, make it 2 pages max, and be specific about what your ask is early in the letter and then repeated again at the end. Address format should look like this (see the spreadsheet for specific addresses):

Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman X

XXXX [Building name] House/Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20515(House)/20510(Senate)

- For phone calls: you will reach an intern who knows nothing. They will log your call and file it into their system. Tell them who you are, why you're calling, what you want the Senator/Representative to do, and answer any questions they have about where you're from (zip code, etc).

-For emails: write a message to the relevant staffer and either explain to them what you want the Senator/Representative to do or write to the staffer and attach a letter written to the Senator/Representative asking them to help. The email can be short, should be polite but firm, and can be personal, emphasizing economic impacts.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your time on this... every little bit counts. If we don't show up, we get nothing.



Noah Oppenheim
Executive Director
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations
Institute for Fisheries Resources
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