USDC Seafood Inspection Program notice

New health certificate data Requirement for exports to China

Due to fishing closures in certain areas of California and other states (for domoic acid), USDC/NOAA will now require additional catch location information on export health certificates for live product destined for China. The additional information will help Chinese authorities to clear shipments by further documenting the product comes from open fishing areas.

Effective immediately for live shipments caught in California waters the number of the catch area grid or "Location Where Fish Were Caught" matching what is entered on the California Landing Receipt must be entered on the health certificate.  The catch area grid number must be entered into the Production Area box when entering certificate data online.  If product was caught in multiple grid areas enter each area's grid number.  See the attached example with multiple grid areas entered in the Production Area box.

Processors must have the California Landing Receipts (or copies from suppliers) available for USDC/NOAA verification upon request, or at time of audit.  Keep the records or copies of records for two years.

See example of certificate here

Please write or call if you have any questions about the procedure.

Mike Stadler


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