CFSB Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2018

In Attendance: Chris Voss, Michael Harrington, Gary Burke, Bernard Friedman


1.     President Chris Voss opened the meeting at 5:30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room.

2.     Upcoming elections:  Plan a General Meeting for early February. Nominate board members and have an election at the General Meeting if there are only 7 nominations. The new board will then assign officers.

3.     TNC quota transfer communication plan:

Finalize the talking points but wait and see on the optimal timing for a press release – wait until there are signs of success with the Quota Bank set up.

In the mean time, send a couple of mailchimps to CFSB members announcing the acquisition and plans for workshops in the spring.

4.     TNC finalizing the transfer agreement: We are being given only 1 permit, but can lease at no cost a second one. This gives flexibility on boat size for the second permit. If we feel its important to have a second permit in house, we can push later on transferring a second permit.

5.     Michael Harrington’s financial report: CFBS usually nets 4-6K and this year netted 17K. We brought in more membership money, grant money and donations than usual. Also, expenses for the yard were light this year. Michael had a CPA review the books. CPA suggested cleaning up the books a bit by shifting the old debt in Accounts Receivable if it isn’t going to be paid off soon. Michael moved old debt into previous years and created a category Reserve for Unaccountable Debt. CPA suggested that every 90 days, move debt out of accounts receivable into unrecoverable debt.

6.     Michael Harrington requests a raise. He hasn’t had a raise in at least 8 years. Agree to give Harrington a raise because more needs for time with the quota Our increased income this year requires more detailed reporting to the IRS. The quota assets may also cause work.  Currently, he charges $200/mo to manage subleases of Yard, and $225/mo for bookkeeping and misc. duties. He requests an increase  of $200/mo additional for his raise. A motion was made by Burke to give Harrington a raise. $100/mo more for yard management, $100/mo more for the bookkeeping. Seconded by Bernard. 5 votes in favor (attendees plus John Colgate by proxy), 0 not in favor.

7.     Board discussed ways to make a stronger effort to solicit and ensure receipt of dues and rent. Board will work to recruit fishermen who should be CFSB members.

8.     Burke sees a lot of policy work ahead for the swordfish fishery with fighting new legislation and dealing with a possible buy-out by NOAA. He anticipates needing some funding to travel and pay for legal assistance. He plans to submit to the South Bay Cable Committee. They are well funded this year.

9.     Kim presented a proposal for a part-time paid Executive Director position with CFSB for 2018.  Funding would come from donations raised in Fall 2017 and the imminent TNC grant, which designates $14,080 in salary as part of the quota transfer. Board discussed the need to separately consider the TNC grant money that is not yet in hand from the CFSB donations acquired in 2017 to help fund the E.D. position. The TNC agreement is a 2 year arrangement, with 2 installments to the payments. The TNC grant funding for salary may need to be stretched into 2019 if we haven’t finished our objectives in the agreement in 2018 (i.e., setting up a quota leasing protocol). We may not receive the second installment until 2019. CFSB Board doesn’t want to risk needing to cover the remaining E.D. salary in 2018 if the receipt of the second TNC installment is delayed. A motion was made to commit CFSB funds to pay Kim Selkoe as E.D. for the first 6 months with monthly salary of $2800/month. Motion passed 4-0. Kim’s will record her hours and submitted them at the end of each month and Michael Harrington will cut a check at the end of each month.

10. Meeting was adjourned at 7pm.


These minutes were written 01.14.17  by Kim Selkoe, Executive Director, to the best of her memory.