CFSB Board Meeting and Saturday Market Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2017

CFSB Board Meeting March 13 2017 in the Community Room.


In attendance: John Colgate, Michael Harrington, Chris Voss, Bernard Friedman, Kim Selkoe, Mike McCorkle.


Chris Voss opened the meeting at 5:15pm


1.      Ventura Shellfish Enterprise


·         Considering 0-3 miles (State Waters), creating twenty 100-Acre sites.

·         Rules for becoming a leasee are not established.

·         State controls the space, Harbor will be ultimate permit holder (covers insurance, permits, other fees), grower pays the harbor rent.

·         Thursday’s meeting will get into the mechanics.

·         Stipulations for getting a lease are totally unknown yet.

·         City of Ventura is putting together a proposal, that has to go to State, (FG Commission, State Lands), coastal commission, etc.

·         Where to put the sites is part of the application.

·         Its 2-3 years down the line for any gear to go into the water.

·         There will be community storage space and community equipment. Pooled resources, pooled markets.




It’s a community fishery. Black cod folks just voted to get 100K lbs to sublease. Same sort of concept here. But need to address the potential conflict with fisheries.


Will there be priority for existing fishermen to get the leases? Want fishermen to be a stakeholder. Fishermen need to go the hearings. Most fishermen in SB don’t care about it.  Effects mostly ventura port fishermen.


Need to hear from fishermen in that area and get details about the specific concerns and specific locations.


We are not opposed by we want input in exact siting. Why need to do this so early in the scoping process? We want to make known a clear position and request approval by impacted fishermen at every step of the way.


We won’t oppose inside of 1 mile. Bernard is inside 1 mile at Hope Ranch.  Need to be at least 80 feet deep to have a farm. Bernard is in 75-95 ft and would prefer a bit deeper.


What will be done with gear impacts of failed ventures? New provisions exist now to require clean up- need to have a fund in the bank for that. Already talked to Danny Castignola about his cost for working a clean up. Who is going to monitor these sites. Fish and Game not up to it, or is it changing?


Lampara fisherman John Gingrich – worried about tangling up at night. Same with squid- they travel outside 1 miles.


If its truly a community venture, the Association will figure out the criteria for admission. We don’t want the harbor dictating who and what, we want a board set up that has significant representation by those experienced with aquaculture.


As a public entity and process it has to be fully transparent.


Ventura Harbor Commission should get it squared away and then turn over management of it to the Marketing Association.


Summary of points to make:


·         Recognize that we aren’t opposed to the concept.

·         The exact siting needs strong fishermen input

·         SB fishermen and/or waterpeople should get priority consideration for taking a lease – and generally individuals over corporations. To anchor it in the community. Money shouldn’t be the first priority, experience should have weight.

·         Appreciate that the process is public, transparent, stakeholder engagement, community focused.


2.      Saturday Market Improvements


Oldest documents that Mick sent Michael show no official role for CFSB and no liability.


We want the market to grow to increase local access to local seafood, education and community backing


CFSB can help with enforcing standards and keep the continuity the keep it going.


6pm – Joined by Brian Colgate, Laszlo Nemeth, Donna and Cliff Kent, Becca Ellen, Paul teall, Brian Glassock, Harry Liquornik, Ron Evon.


Founding documents have been discarded and neglected. 10% assessment and the $75. Actually, there is a newer, shorter document that was written up in the past year or two.


The Saturday Market participants will meet again soon to review their rules and structure.


Santa Barbara Fish Market has been involved with insurance because they are doing the filleting. If filleting is out on the pier it is no longer under their umbrella, and someone else would have to carry insurance and health permit.


If you land the fish, fillet it in a commissary, then sell it, that should be legal. Talk to Ben Hyman about how to fillet elsewhere and bring it to sell at the market.


SBFM is spending $900 permit, and insurance extension hard to know. Maybe $300-500. It gives $2 million coverage. 


Anyone filleting on the pier needs probably needs workers comp and insurance for accidents. We should gather info on exact insurance costs. Its only a half day a week.


Filleter is $15-20 an hour.  SBFM could hire another one. But within SBFM, the customer can’t be involved in the process. Most people feel that the customers want to see the filleting and learn from it.


Even if SBFM hires the pier’s filleter, there’s too much grey area with knives and piers so Brian prefers not to do that.


Other standards: Keep the market out of the way of keeping the 3rd hoist open. Always be totally wrapped up by noon.


Go to Scott or the harbor commission to get storage space. Talk to Bob? Top of the fishmarket is an option.


One way to start out would be only do filleting on pier during events or 4 times a year.


Out front banner – name and website only. At site – CFSB info and details of market.