CFSB Board Meeting Minutes - February 10, 2017


1.    Updates on Lobster Marketing Commission initiative

2.    Updates on quota agreement with the Nature Conservancy 

3.    Finalize votes to amend bylaws and mission statement

4.    Discussion of Chumash Sanctuary opposition next steps

5.    Discussion of sign-on letter from Nature Conservancy to enable experimental permits at DFW

6.    Discussion of Cable money proposal to fund travel and personnel time to engage in negotiations over various new spatial zoning and closure plans (e.g., Hueneme shipping channel, Ventura Harbor shellfish farms, Vandenberg energy testing, Morro windfarm, Chumash sanctuary...)

7.    Updates on new marketing initiatives

8.    Updates on payment options for CFSB membership

9.    Vote to amend General Meeting minutes



Chris Voss called the meeting to order at 5:45pm in the Harbor Classroom.

In attendance: Bernard Friedman, Mike McCorkle, Gary Burke, John Colgate, Chris Voss, Kim Selkoe

Voss motioned, Burke seconded, a vote to amend the CFSB General Meeting minutes to delete an erroneous reference to the social media work described. Unanimous support.

Lobster Commission: Chris Voss and Kim Selkoe are working with Monique Limon to carry legislation. Law will be worded nearly identically to the Urchin Commission.  Its non controversial and simply allows all lobstermen to be sent a letter to vote for the creation of a commission. The commission’s intent is to serve as a stronger more capable fisheries organization. 

Groundfish Quota transfer: Kim will forward details of the agreement with TNC to board.  Even if we only sit on the quota, at least it is not getting used by a big boat from up north. Or, we could chose to lease it out and make money off it. The quota available is for black cod and shortspine, a bit of thornyhead. A committee, made up solely of the CFSB board, and perhaps with a few additional local fishermen from these fisheries, will be the sole decider on use of quota and rules of use.

Colgate motioned and Burke seconded for a vote to amend the bylaws and mission statement per the email sent out by Kim January 12, 2017. Unanimous in favor.

Colgate motioned and Burke seconded to bring a vote to raise the fee for boat owner members to increase from $50 to $70 next year (2018).

Experimental fisheries permit- similar to the federal level NMFS EFP, The Nature Conservancy is pursuing a law that would enable the State to have an opportunity for fishermen to participate in experimental fisheries or gear types for State managed fisheries. Still would need to go in front of the F&W commission to get it voted on.  So, would need partnership with the department and maybe a NGO to have a chance of commission support. E.g, TNC funded Chugey’s experimental fishery with deep set buoy gear. Mike started two fisheries with EFPs – ridgeback and sea cucumber.

Voss motioned, Colgate seconded to sign on to a letter in support of TNC to put forward this legislation. Unanimous support.

Cable commission grants: McCorkle putting in one to get CFSB some money, and Trawler’s association from the South Bay (aka San Pedro) cable commission.

Other possible budget items: Containers in yard need painting – is Harrington moving forward with putting in a proposal for this? Also, he was interested in putting up barbed wire- has landlord approved this? Kim will follow up with Harrington. Note: Harrington reports that barbed wire was too expensive and won’t be pursued. Harrington will begin the process of re-sealing the containers, and we may look to offset this cost with the Cable grant money if needed.

Idea - Send separate proposals to both San Pedro and Morro Cable Committee for travel support to do stakeholder engagement and education ~$5K.  Include costs of work needed to gain support for lobster commission, lobbying against landing fee increase, perhaps a trip to Sacramento. We can price out a few trips to determine appropriate budget.  Could include funds to go to the Council meetings, e.g fight for groundfish quota to be used for hook and line, and other necessary TNC quota bank agreement trips.

Voss motioned a vote, seconded byBurke to put in a San Pedro prospoal to bundle the yard container work and Saturday Fisherman Market needs. Voss and McCorkle will go to Morro to pursue travel money. Unanimous support.

New marketing initiatives: Kim is assisting Saturday Market vendors with new advertising in Edible and the Independent and working with Mick Kronman to have a new banner made to hang at the harbor entrance. Waterfront Dept. will pay for that. Chamber will pay for the two print ads. Also Kim is working on a plan for adding a fillet station to the market. Idea – there’s a rockfish mosquito fleet at East end SCI. They are already doing direct marketing. Would be good to get them at the Saturday market.

New agenda item brought by John Colgate: A professor at UCSB, Doug McCauley, is interested in working on a creative strategy to avoid incidental take of black sea bass from gillnetters. He proposed that perhaps around Anacapa, fishermen would agree not to fish in that area. In exchange, he could offer two scholarships to UCSB for their children.  Comments: The reality is very few black sea bass are caught by gillnetters and they are allowed to sell one from each trip. Check with Brian Colgate on the numbers of BSB that come in to verify this. BSB population is on the rise and thus incidental take has little detrimental impact. Interest was expressed in meeting with Dr. Larry Allen to hear about his BSB research. There are few gillnetters left, even fewer expected into the future. However, as BSB population increases, incidental take rates will go up.  If it becomes problematic to recovery, the issue must be dealt with officially through Fish and Wildlife and/or NMFS and with more than just the gillnet fishery. Why the focus on gillnetters? Scholarships may be a problematic reward with so few gillnetters with high-school aged family members. New engines maybe a more appropriate reward.  Other concerns raised: a system to verify compliance with an informal no fishing zone problematic, system to chose awardees problematic, and concern of misperception that there is new urgency to shut gillnetting down entirely which could be leveraged by some environmental groups. 

McCorkle went to Ventura mussel farm meeting at the Aquarium of the Pacific with all the permitters and permitees. He felt he can support it if it is placed inside a mile and super well marked. What about the mess? He was told DFW will monitor it- but they are unlikely to have the capacity to do that very well. He also noted that the break aways would break off really easy.

McCorkle also mentioned Bill SB290- sponsored by Hannah Beth Jackson to enable whale entanglement response trainings by private enterprise.  The bill doesn’t have anything to do with closures. But, there’s still time for that to be added in. Noah Oppenheimer is watching it, Crab Task force too.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm.