CSFB General Meeting Minutes - January 9, 2017

President Chris Voss opened the meeting at 9am in the Harbor Community Room


Misc. items discussed:

·         Gear clean up on the beach – Voss is contributing to a set of best practices to avoid gear loss in conjunction with the Sanctuary.

·         Lobster rule package- clean up will get rid of all the fine print? Roger and Jim will reformulate Lobster Advisory Committee and the language before it goes in front of Commission.


Accounting (Michael Harrington):

·         $5100 was donated by South Bay Cable Fisheries Liaison Committee (SBCFLC) and was used to repair the roofs of eight containers in the Storage Yard.  CFSB contributed $5900 toward the $11000 cost of repair.  With care the fix should last 10 years.

·         Brian Colgate (Santa Barbara Fish Market) donated $1000 which was put into the general fund.

·         Net income this year $3600 which is typical of past years.

Accounts receivable are low because tenants in the Storage Yard wishing a 10% discount have been paying a year in advance

Boat Yard (Michael Harrington):

·         There are 24 total tenants.

·         Problem tenants combined owe us $14K. Biggest offenders could be taken to small claims court. A few delinquents were cleared out of the yard recently. Late paying tenants are a problem and penalties may have to be accessed.

·         Handling delinquent’s is case by case based on whether they show good intentions.

·         CA Trawlers Association owe $7K (not McCorkle’s personal). It holds group gear. Mike is the treasurer. There are about 13-15 members in the Association. Their coffers are very low. Their dues don’t cover all the costs.  Want to be supportive.

·         If you pay a year in advance you get 10% off. Chasing down monthly rent is difficult.

·         A few petty thefts have occurred and a group of intruders were  chased off recently Harrington is getting an estimate from Fence Factory on 3 strand barbed wire. This will be similar to other storage yards in area.


Background on Chamber of Commerce relationship (Chris Voss):

·         Background on Kim Selkoe and FishSB at the Chamber of Commerce

·         Plains pipeline felt a good PR move would be to give some quick money and gave it to COC. COC approached us. Focusing on marketing was a way for us to benefit. This is a two-year commitment that will end at the end of 2017.

·         The Port’s Economic Impact report got the attention of the Chamber to help advocate for the port and led to this chain of events.


Report on FishSB (Kim Selkoe):

·         In April 2016 I started as the director of FishSB, a program sponsored and housed by the Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with CFSB. The goals of the program are:

o   Fisheries advocacy

o   New marketing initiatives for local seafood

o   Strengthening port organization and partnerships


·         In May, I agreed to serve as the executive director of CFSB in a volunteer capacity. These two positions are separate but obviously closely linked.

·         In total, I work about 20 hours on CFSB related issues. About 5 hours a week are additionally eaten up by CoC staff meetings and other interactions.

·         My part-time salary support from the CoC will continue through the end of 2017.  There is some CoC funding to support CFSB costs. E.g., travel to meetings, advertising associatied with marketing intiatives.

·         I am working with Ken Oplinger, CEO of the CoC to strategize ways to fund my position for 2018. Plains has indicated they will provide half of the support needed (~$35K) and would like to see us match that from other funders.

·         I presented Plains with 5 different proposals for additional funding. Of them, their top pick was a proposal to do a feasibility/R&D project on implementing seafood traceability that would tie into branding Santa Barbara seafood. Other proposals focused on e.g., domoic acid research, Saturday market and restaurant sales of local seafood

·         Attending the Boston Seafood show will be an efficient way to learn all about traceability programs and technology from vendors, fishermen, seafood distributors. Brian attending and will help with that effort. CoC will cover Kim’s expenses.

CFSB Website (Kim Selkoe):

·         David Gogel canceled his contract as webmaster in May, and I have filled the gap, although my background is not in social media or web design.

o   With the CoC’s help I rebuilt the CFSB website using SquareSpace, a really user friendly interface so that now any of us can maintain the website without needing a contracted webmaster.

o   The website includes everything the old one had, plus more detail on CFSB’s recent fisheries advocacy work and a link to an online message board that members can use to post for sale or job ads. It is now easier to join CFSB and submit payment online. We have some new categories of membership.

o   I will soon be adding in social media activity to push our blog posts and news alerts. Twitter, FB and Instagram. I will tie this in with a push to bring more visibility to the Saturday Fisherman’s Market. I do not relish social media work, so I will be getting a tech savvy intern to help with this.


Saturday Fisherman’s Market (Kim Selkoe):

·         Increasing Saturday Fisherman’s market and restaurant sales of local seafood are high priorities for next year. For Sat. Fisherman’s market, goals are

o   Get approvals for fishermen to sell product from their boats

o   set up a fish filleting station.

o   New advertising.

o   promotional events to increase the draw.

·         Idea was raised to have a promotional ad for the Saturday fish market run in the Independent piggybacked to the Fish Market’s weekly ad. Will get us a much better rate. Motion to pursue having the Chamber of Commerce fund the advertising costs in conjunction with Colgate’s account to initiate this.

·         Kim and Brian will organize more regular small meetings of Saturday Fisherman’s market vendors to get going with new expansion effort.

·         Idea was raised to get approval from Waterfront Dept. to hang a banner at Harbor Lot entrance to publicize the Saturday Fisherman’s Market.

·         See what is going on at Ventura’s and Channel Island’s Saturday Markets.


Swordfish Fishery Advocacy (Gary Burke and Kim Selkoe):

·         In addition to fighting CA Bill SB1114 to eliminate drift gill nets, we have lately been submitting letters of opposition to NMFS over a new Hard Caps ruling being proposed

·         Hard Caps are based on what bycatch was in the past. Instead of being allowed a certain amount of incidental take of marine mammals and turtles which is tied to scientific estimates of what would cause the populations harm, the fishery would now be shut down if just 1 or a handful of marine mammals or turtles are taken. Shut down could last 2 years before fishery reopened. Also will require 100% monitoring coverage. Fishermen will have to pay for it.

·         Gary Burke and Jonathan Gonzalez got grants from Morro Bay and S Bay cable committee to fight this. Morro Bay hasn’t yet released funds though. Used money to get really good attorneys.

·         CFSB also submitted a letter opposing the new ruling.

·         Logan Kock at Santa Monica Seafoods has made compelling testimony and submitted a letter stressing the need to protect all sources of US caught swordfish.

·         There is growing literature on the harm that overly restrictive regulations do to overall conservation goals due to the “Transfer effect” – outsourcing the environmental impact to other countries with poor regulation and enforcement.

·         Need to work on getting more conservation groups like EDF and Cousteau Society to see the bigger picture and support local fisheries more actively.


Domoic Acid (Chris Voss and Kim Selkoe):

·         It has become clear that DFW is not in a position to do a lot of sample collection and enforcement. They don’t want to get into a position of having to spend huge sums on intensive testing to re-open closed areas. So trying hard to minimize sampling and minimize closures. Drawing a lot of attention to the inconsistencies and the protocols will just force them to have to do more closures.  Seems to make sense to lay low.

·         Carrie Culver has set up a lab for DA testing at UCSB. She has some grant money to do very basic research. We would need new grant money to specifically address purging times in lobster. Kim Selkoe will be actively helping to pursue grants and proposal writing with Carrie to make this happen.


Port Hueneme (Chris Voss):

·         A couple SB guys will be going down to a meeting Jan. 10th about a proposed fishery closure area to buffer the shipping lane at Port Hueneme, to minimize risk of gear entanglement by the boat traffic.

·         Hopefully the fishermen at the meeting will help amend the footprint of the closure because its much bigger than makes sense. Should be a cone shape.

·         Would also like to know how many boats actually get tangled and what’s the real cost? Breakwaters are really good fishing grounds.

·         FG Commission has control and so the recommendation will be put in front of it. Puccanelli has contacted Chris about this.


MLMA revise (Chris Voss):

·         Shuman’s ultimate goal to carry this revision to the Commission. RLF Packard is paying for it (Mike Webber). Last passed in 1998. Stipulates FMPs and changes the protocols for many issues. For instance, whale entanglement has to go through the commission instead of legislation.

·         To get the revision done, the commission farming out pieces to various working groups. E.g Mike Conroy, Mick, Diane all very involved in a working group tasked with redefining the terms bycatch, target species, discard.

·         Another committee will choose which fisheries to prioritize for new FMPs. Also working on revisions to try to streamline the FMP process. Leaning away from more communications with fishermen because its expensive. Its important fishermen are at all of these discussions because folks like Geoff Chester and Oceana will be at them.

·         Huff working for RLF and both he and Chris were consulted on communication protocol.


CFSB Memberships strategy (Kim Selkoe):

·         Pursuing more community organizations and businesses – restaurants and grocers.

·         Idea was raised to have a booth to Join CFSB at Farmers and Fisherman’s markets. Use an updated print out membership form– get sign ups to email list, and list member benefits. E.g., give out discounts on direct sales and fish market. Send out email updates




·         Note that Cable Grants have a deadline of Feb 28th .  McCorkle and Burke on the committee. Budget is increasing. Use CFSB as match. Also COC funds.

·         CUDA dock – Bill Hooten wanting to retire. Need someone to take over CUDA Dock management.  Best to have someone who ties their boat up there. Harry Liquornic’s name was brought up as a possible replacement manager

·         2017 CFSB dues are due.  Payment may be made at cfsb.info, left at fuel dock or given to any executive member.

·         Next CFSB general meeting will be early April.

·         Mike Conroy mentioned after our meeting that the Commission has been asked to review their policies on enforcement and fines for repeated violators of lobster size limits. There may be changes to their policies coming up.


These minutes were written 01.09.17by Kim Selkoe, Executive Director, to the best of her memory.