CFSB Informational Meeting - October 28, 2015

The meeting was brought to order by President Chris Voss at 5:20 P.M.  Minutes of the last executive meeting 08.31.15 were approved.

Attendees were:  Chris Voss, Michael Harrington, Craig Brooker, Mike McCorkle, Gary Burke, Jason and Shane Robinson, John Colgate, Jonathan Gonzalez, Jono Wilson and Kate Kauer.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear a proposal from Kate Kauer, Fisheries Project Director for The Nature Conservancy (TNC).  Kate explained that TNC is working to divest current holding of ground fish quotas. Unless TNC divests the quota, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) could assume control and most likely divide the quota up in the Northern trawl fishery.  TNC is more interested in keeping local (Santa Barbara) fishers vibrant and competitive and wants to donate to CFSB some of the quota they own.  No strings attached........a donation of quota to CFSB, a 501 (c)(3).  The only stipulation is that the quota is managed within the spirit of TNC's mission statement ( and CFSB mission statement qualifies. (

The premise is that CFSB will negotiate the transfer of the quota and the fishermen will be able to do what they want with the quota.  Shelve it, lottery, give it back, sell it are just some of the ideas.  The process to potentially transfer the quota is just beginning and CFSB's due diligence has just begun.  Lots of meetings and input are still part of the final decision to accept the offer.

On another note, Jonathan Gonzalez made a presentation regarding hiring George Mannina to send a letter to NMFS re:  "concerns that the proposed hard caps conflict with the Magnuson-Stevens Act National Standards."  CFSB will donate $500 toward a retainer.  (

As the meeting was ending McCorkle broached the subject of CFSB donating to a Zeke Grader scholarship fund.  The subject was shelved until particulars are known.

Lots more to follow on all topics!