CFSB Board Meeting Minutes - May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 5 pm

1.  President Chris Voss opened the meeting at 5:00 pm at John Colgate’s house.

2.  Exec Director Position- Kim Selkoe spoke about the many possible topics for her to work on. We will continue honing the list of top priorities as a group. Topics include:

A> Assisting with regulatory challenges and advocacy, e.g., domoic acid situation, SB1114 (gillnet attack), potential TNC quota transfer, whale entanglement program.

B> Increase CFSB visibility through new partnerships with business and NGOs in town and beyond. For FishSB (program set up by the Chamber of Commerce), deliverables are to create marketing plans to 1) increase local consumption of our seafood and 2) strengthen visibility and connection to tourist industry and community. We will present detailed plans with budgets to Plains for these two campaigns in the fall to get more funding from Plains. At present the Chamber funding covers Kim’s salary at 60% time (25 hours/week) for 2 years and the Chamber will financially support expenses where possible and closely tied to marketing (e.g., attendance Boston Seafood Show), evaluated case-by-case.

C> Strengthen CFSB role in oil spill response. Plains All American is coming to SB this week for 1 year anniversary of spill. Ken Oplinger asked for a couple bullet points by this Thursday about how we could play a role in shoring up the plans and preparedness for the fishing fleet to contribute to oil spill responses to share with Plains. Comments from board: Look into what sort of gear and training to use the gear exists (e.g., booms). CFSB can utilize and strengthen its infrastructure to be used during a spill response.

D> Follow up on new developments with city’s sale of 125 E. Cesar Chavez. Comments from board: Explore possible avenues for arguing that use be restricted to fisheries infrastructure and support through the Local Coastal Plan and the Coastal Commission.

E> Explore ways to increase membership and increase financial stability of CFSB. Comments from board: Financial stability will enable bringing on strong advocacy and representation to regulators and legislators when needed. Explore a membership option for supporting orgs like Whole Foods, ocean NGOs. Raise membership fees, e.g., to $100 and get more community members.

Kim will email a brief report on Fridays to the board listing weekly activities and findings.

3. Domoic Acid letter- Dominic shared his draft letter to Sen. McGuire. Plan to finalize, print a signed version and display at dock for fishery signatures. Hope for broad support at the port as DA issues will likely affect new fisheries in the future. Letter will be sent to Sen McGuire, Das Williams, HBJ, Capps, etc. Comments from board: Kim will draft a short and sweet version that hammers the key points in Dominic’s letter and will assist with gathering info to prep for the process of creating new consumer sheets that improve on existing crab safety information. Also work with key fishermen to prep agenda items and questions for June 14 meeting with regulators about the issue.

4. Boston Seafood Show - Chris is going to try to secure a commitment for $5000 from a buyer like Gabriel, Talib, Rudy, etc. to sublease our booth.  Motion made - Will wait until Thursday night to get back to Goldenberg and Michael will only submit the application to him for the booth if sublease commitment has been secured. Either way, CFSB will accept $4K from the Chamber to send 2 people to the Boston Seafood Show. Unanimous votes in favor.

5. Storage Yard – Decision needed on how to deal with late payment and contract violation for boat storage parcel T3. Contract states: Occupant rents for solely dive boat and no other purposes, cannot make any alterations additions improvements without manager’s prior written consent. Motion made - CFSB honors the contract. The occupant has expanded the footprint and violated the definition of the space. Thirty days to get storage shed out of yard and rent caught up. Provide occupant a copy of the contract and the map of space and give him a opportunity to avoid eviction.  Unanimous votes in favor.  (Day after vote the tenant agreed to terms.)

6. TNC Quota -  Meeting with TNC on May 23rd. Chris will bring the agreement back to the board before signing anything. Comment from board: TNC blocking Halibut opening in Monterey. Do we want to be against their whole approach and participate in it at the same time?

7. New Agenda Item from McCorkle - A new group and website exists– A list of names of groups and people opposed to the newly proposed Chumash Marine National Sanctuary.  Many politicians and businesses have signed on. Motion made- Should CFSB put our name on the list of oppose? Unanimous votes in favor.

8. New Agenda Item from Colgate - Get CFSB hats and shirts made

Business cards for everyone -Kim and Michael will pursue this.

9. New Agenda Item from Bernard - Follow up on Whale Entanglement – can we get a record that we put in the time and got educated on this so we can show evidence of it in the future? Is there a certificate for the class? Comment from the board: Ask Mike Conroy or Justin about more follow up to next level. We could initiate our own certificate, similar to stickers on boats that read: “This boat fishes sustainably under SCTA regs” Kim will follow up with Mike Conroy and Justin and report back.

These minutes were written 05.17.16  by Kim Selkoe, Executive Director, to the best of her memory.