CFSB Board Meeting Minutes - March 1, 2016

Minutes for 03.01.16 nomination and informational meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Voss at 1713 hours in the Community Room at Santa Barbara Harbor.  Attendees were:  Vice President John Colgate, Secretary/Treasurer Michael Harrington, Board Members, Mike McCorkle, Gary Burke and Kevin McCeney.  Other members attending were:  Jason and Shane Robinson, Tim Mulcahy, Jeff Maassen, Bernard Friedman and Jonathan  Gonzales representing the Ventura County Commercial Fishermen Association.   Ten voting members were present.


  1. A request for 2016 membership being due was made by Voss.  Membership of $50.00 may be given to any member or by going to or mailing to above address.
  2. The nomination process for board members in  the 2016-2018 cycle was opened and explained by Voss.  The nomination period will last until the annual meeting, sometime in April (weather).  Nominations can be made online and will end at the general meeting at which time voting will begin and end one week later.  Online access to nomination and voting is by password mailed and to all members.  Members may nominate a total of seven board members.  Members nominated at the meeting were:  Voss, Colgate, Harrington, McCorkle, Burke, McCeney,  Harry Liquornik, Jason Robinson and Bernard Friedman.
  3. Voss described the relationship that CFSB is in the process developing with  the Santa Barbara County Chamber of Commerce.  Using funds from Plains, the Economic Vitality Team of the Chamber will hire a person for two years to help SB fishermen develop and expand marketing opportunities.   The search for the new Manager of SB Fish is ongoing.
  4. Voss summarized a meeting that CDFW had with recreational and commercial fishing interests regarding how CDFW might mitigate the negative publicity produced by the huge closure during the Plains spill.  It was agreed that the CDFW stay out of it and that the fisheries were doing fine.  Thank you very much!
  5. The Crab closure was discussed, with unanimous agreement that the lack of protocol, knee jerk reactions and politics were worse than the actual domoic acid.   Friedman mentioned that funding was needed to study the issue.
  6. Jonathan Gonzales, VCFFA, gave a presentation and a request for funds to pay the attorney fighting the non-scientific influence that environmental organizations are able to exert on the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Contrary to the Magnuson-Stevens Act and the scientific method, proposed Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s Hard Caps for the Drift gillnet fishery need to be challenged.  CFSB unanimously voted to contribute $2000 for attorney fees.
  7. It was noted that the Lobster FMP process was ongoing and that commercial vs recreational  catch needs to be on a proportional percentage basis in order to maintain equity.
  8. CFSB’s relationship with The Nature Conservancy was discussed.  All agreed that due diligence was needed in light of TNC’s past history.  Voss made it clear that any involvement with TNC would be done with eyes wide open and appropriate discussions with membership.
  9. Harrington gave a Fishermen Storage Yard Report.  He reported that a search for funding to repair eight badly leaking container roofs was ongoing.  He noted that a fire inspection was imminent.  (passed a couple days after meeting)  and that the yard is 100% occupied.
  10. Harrington gave a short treasures report.  He noted that revenue was flat and that with all the issues facing Santa Barbara fishermen, there needs to be renewed focus on the $9000 in accounts receivable.  It was agreed that tenants who  chronically won’t pay rent at the yard were in jeopardy of eviction.

The meeting was adjourned around 1900 hrs by Chris Voss.  These minutes were prepared by Michael Harrington, secretary/treasurer, to the best of my recollection 03.04.16 at 0500 hrs.