CFSB Board Meeting Minutes - August 31, 2015

Executive Meeting Minutes
Upstairs Classroom — 08.31.15 — 10:00 AM


The executive board  meeting was called with only a couple days notice.  The agenda was flexible and there were no action items.  The loose agenda was as follows:

  • Oil spill Update
  • Whale entanglement issue
  • Lobster management plan issue
  • 2014 EIR Report
  • Financial Report
  • Additional subjects

President Chris Voss called the meeting to order at 10:00, 08.31.15.  Those attending were executive board members John Colgate, Gary Burke, Kevin McCeney, Mike McCorkle and Michael Harrington.  Jim Marshall was there and Paul Teal came by to pay his dues.

McCorkle commented that most the oil drilling activity in the channel has come to a halt due to lack of storage facilities.  This lack of storage is compounded by the Plains pipeline being down and that politicos will not approve trucking or trains as a means to transport product.  McCorkle also mentioned that there is concern by oil companies of the complexity of restarting wells or if they even could be started again.  McCorkle  said that the abnormal amount of oil blobs on the beach are a result of no longer pumping out the umbrellas which normally help control the natural seeps.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding working with enviros to help solve real and not real oil issues, the possibility of CFSB joining a class action lawsuit and a suggestion that any settlement with CFSB could be directed to the Safety fund.  Harrington was tasked to follow up with Kathy Pfeifer.

McCorkle brought up the issue of whale entanglements with fishing gear.  There was some question as to whose gear was being impacted and where it was coming from.  McCorkle attended a meeting in San Francisco where people were hysterical and wanted immediate relief from fishing gear and whale entanglement.  Large environmental groups are apparently going after the Dungeness crabbers for relief.

A short discussion regarding the lobster FMP was initiated by Voss.  The crux of the discussion was that nobody was happy and that CDFW culture is a real issue to dealing with resource management and fishery issues.

Marshall and Harrington reported that reception of the 2014 EIR by those at various meetings during the last oil spill was animated.  “We had no idea,” was a common refrain and the report opened the door to access to various economic forums and chambers.  Discussion focused on how best to utilize the report and that the report is available at:

Harrington reported on the status of the Gear Storage Yard.   One pressing issue was that of unauthorized parking in the CFSB area.  Vehicles not permitted to park have been ignoring warnings that they vehicle will be towed.  Tony, the Wright and Co manager, is adamant that there is not to be any freeloaders and that he has a contract with Loves Towing and that it only takes a phone call.  The board approved Harrington do what is necessary to keep the yard running smoothly and to discourage unauthorized use of the facilities.

Harrington also reported that the CUDA Dock 2015 membership dues haven’t been received.  Marshall said he would talk to Bill.  CFSB got the membership dues shortly there after.

Harrington also reported many tenants of the Gear Storage Yard were not complying with CFSB membership policy.  The board unanimously requested him to add the membership dues to tenants monthly invoice and to prorate the dues.  All felt this would be fairer so late in the 2015 cycle and a couple dollars a month would be less of a burden to fishermen.  It was also agreed that the dues were a small price to pay for inexpensive storage close to the harbor.  McCorkle said that lots of fishermen were unable to pay there dues on the website.  Harrington was to mention this issue with the webmaster.

McCeney reported that the report covering use of grant funds from The Santa Barbara Foundation was due.  Harrington requested that in the future he receive notice of tasks in a more timely fashion.

The meeting was adjourned around 1:30 by Chris Voss.  These minutes were prepared by Michael Harrington, secretary/treasurer, to the best of my recollection 09.13.15 at 0500 hrs.