CFSB Board Meeting Minutes - August 29, 2016



1.            Financial Report -  Michael Harrington

2.             Storage Yard updates -  Michael Harrington

3.            Discussion of planning a CFSB General Meeting in the near future

4.            Domoic Acid update

5.            Motion for compensating Mike Conroy for his assistance on DA work

6.            Whale Entanglement update

7.            Executive Report covering:

  • TNC Quota
  • FishSB program with Chamber of Commerce
  • Edits to CFSB’s Mission Statement
  • Website revamping
  • Offshore Monument proposal opposition
  • Oil Response activities


CFSB Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2016 5:30 pm

1.      President Chris Voss opened the meeting at 5:30 pm at the Community Room.

2.      Michael Harrington gave a report on the financial standing of CFSB

3.      Michael Harrington gave a report on the Storage Yard, reviewing leasees who are delinquent on paying rent and those who are out of compliance with yard rules. John Colgate made a motion, seconded by Michael Harrington, for the CFSB Board to support eviction for those not paying rent. Five Board Members supported and one abstained.

4.      Michael Harrington made a motion to reinstate Maasen’s contract as month to month (he has paid 4 months in advance and currently only has a trailer stored there). Support was unanimous.

5.      The need to collect CFSB member dues from the Kuda dock was discussed. Chris Voss will pursue the $250 debt.

6.      A General Meeting of CFSB Members will be scheduled for mid-September, with a focus on reporting on CFSB’s recent work (e.g., addressing regulatory challenges related to Domoic Acid Closures and the proposed California offshore Monument, and new marketing initiatives for local seafood through FishSB). Note: Voss is gone September 23/24th. Burke gone 16-20th.

7.      Selkoe will provide the updated website contents to the Board for their review. We have been unable to access the backend of the CFSB website or Facebook page since David Gogel quit . Selkoe will have new versions of both finalized with the help of the Chamber of Commerce staff by mid-September.

8.      Voss reported on his recent trip to Sacramento – the Wednesday, August 10, California Legislature’s Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture held a hearing entitled “Progress Reports on Crab Season, Domoic Acid and Disaster Declaration”.

9.      Voss also reported on the rationale behind a letter that was drafted by Voss and Mike Conroy on behalf of the lobster fishery following a meeting in Long Beach with ~30 fishery participants.

a.       The letter suggests improvements to the regulatory protocols for issuing closures and advisories of lobster in response to elevated DA.

b.      Voss conveyed the message he took from the meeting that regulators need to see the fisheries taking proactive steps to initiate a targeted educational campaign among populations most prone to eat crab and lobster viscera in order to enable a revised regulatory approach that is less punishing to the industry.  Bernard Freeman suggested tacking on DA advisories to Mussel Quarantine warning signs.

c.       Board members stressed the importance of careful, measured responses by the fishery in advance of the season and any regulatory action.

10.  Voss made a motion to compensate Mike Conroy $1,000 for his assistance in holding the lobster fishery meeting and sending the letter to regulators. The CA Spiny Lobster Fishermen’s Association has additionally compensated him $5,000. Jason Robinson seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous in support.

11.  Whale Entanglement certification was discussed. Fishermen have been given the chance to achieve a “Level 2” certification, via attendance at a series of NOAA workshops in the past few month. Reaching level 3 requires years of training and is unlikely to be needed. Selkoe will follow up on a printed certificate for participants in the program.

12.  The latest draft of the Quota transfer agreement from The Nature Conservancy was discussed. TNC’s objectives and asks for the agreement were discussed and found to be agreeable.

a.       Interest was voiced by the board in asking TNC about volunteer opportunities to retrieve and clean up lost fishing gear from the TNC portion of Santa Cruz Island.

b.      It was noted that fishermen provide NMFS with fish measurements and thus support the objective to aid fisheries data collection.

c.       Several Boardmembers will attend a Sept. 31st 7pm meeting in Morro Bay hosted by NMFS to present a 5 year review of the quota system related to groundfish trawling.

13.  Harrington reported on his experiences as a member of a Vessels of Opportunity Task Force led by the Coastal Commission. The one-year task force was set up by the passage of a CA bill led by Hannah Beth Jackson to review the role of fishing vessels and other non-professional vessels in spill response.  Selkoe will meet with Colgate and Harrington to discuss priority needs for fishermen readiness and compensation in oil spill response.

14.  CA Monuments proposal was discussed. Obama designated 2 other Monuments last week. Most likely the plans as to whether or not to designate one in CA waters has by now been finalized by the White House and if yes, will be announced within a few days or weeks. No news is good news.

15.  Selkoe reported on plans for making new marketing proposals to get additional funding by the Chamber of Commerce. A focus on advertising and education among restauranteurs, chefs and the public was preferred. E.g, educate restauranteurs about the glut of white sea bass after the season opening, and the value of underutilized species like Cucumber and underappreciated species like Spiny Lobster. Point out the politics of seafood choices, true conservation = buying local. Advertising in the Independent and KTYD 99.9.

These minutes were written 08.29.16by Kim Selkoe, Executive Director, to the best of her memory.