CFSB Directors, 2018-2020

  • President --  Chris Voss
  • Vice President -- John Colgate
  • Treasurer -- Michael Harrington
  • Executive Director -- Kim Selkoe, Ph.D
  • Board Members --
    • Bernard Friedman
    • Gary Burke
    • Steve Escobar
    • Mike McCorkle
    • Alternates: Paul Teall, Ben Hyman, Miles Wallace

Board Member Biographies

Chris Voss is a California native and a life-long commercial fisherman. He has fished in California waters for rock crab, shrimp, sea cucumber, sea urchin, abalone, nearshore live fish and lobster. For 26 years he also spent his summers in Bristol Bay, Alaska fishing for sockeye salmon. He is currently the president of Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara and former president of the California Abalone Association. He is an active member of the California Lobster and Trap Fishermen's Association, Alaska Fishermen's Marketing Association and the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Marketing Association. He has a Bachelor of Arts from UCSB in Aquatic Biology and is working on a number of projects that aim to build stronger relationships between fishing communities, state managers and NGO's.

John Colgate grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and arrived in Santa Barbara in 1965 to attend UCSB. He soon owned several boats and was first introduced to diving and the Channel Islands.   After graduating, he attended SBCC’s 2-year Marine Tech program, then worked briefly in the commercial oilfield industry.  In 1972 he started diving abalone commercially, then many years later, sea urchins.  In 1978 he opened up the Santa Barbara Shellfish Co. on Stearns Wharf. He served ~5 years as President of the California Abalone Association. When abalone closed, he switched to the Nearshore hook & line fishery, until 2011 when he began fishing black cod with longline gear and continues to this day. His son Brian owns Santa Barbara Fish Market.  John has been a member of CFSB for nearly 15 years and spent 3 years on the board. Participating in several data collection and fisheries management initiatives has opened his eyes to the need for shifting the paradigm of fisheries management, from the current use of Fish and Wildlife collected data to manage the fishery to the use of data collected by fishermen while they fish and using this data to manage the fishery for sustainability with adaptive management approaches.

Bernard Friedman, owner of Santa Barbara Mariculture, is known as Santa Barbara’s “Mussel Man” (owing to this short documentary). But his latest moniker is the “Mussel Whisperer” (owing to his success on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer).  After 18 years of farming shellfish in open ocean waters off the coast of Santa Barbara, he can rightfully claim to be the most successful offshore shellfish farmer in the United States. Since 2010, Bernard has also participated in the southern California spiny lobster fishery.  Recently, he has made trips to Nicaragua to teach oyster farming and restoration to indigenous women of El Ostional. Bernard has a B.A. in Biology from UC Santa Cruz, an A.S. in Commercial diving technologies from Santa Barbara City College, and a M.Sc. in Fisheries Management, Development, and Conservation from the University of Ireland. You can find Bernard’s shellfish at the Saturday Farmer’s Market, the Santa Barbara Fish Market, and many restaurants throughout the region. Bernard joined the board of CFSB in 2016.

Kim Selkoe grew up in Boston and spent summers in Cape Cod and Nantucket exploring tide pools and fishing off the docks. A move to Woods Hole to get work as a scientific collections diver landed her in a lab studying lobster behavior, and that led to a Ph.D. in marine ecology at UCSB, 1999 - 2005. Her dissertation work on kelp bass population genetics required fishing throughout Southern California and Baja California, Mexico. In 2007 she created the Santa Barbara Sustainable Seafood Program through the Sea Center.  Difficulty accessing local seafood led her to partner with urchin diver Stephanie Mutz to launch a community supported fishery program called Community Seafood that ran 2011 - 2015. In addition to working with CFSB and the Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce on marketing of local seafood as the director of FishSB, she is an academic marine scientist with affiliations to the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management and Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.

Michael Harrington began his commercial fishing career in 1968.  He gravitated from fishing Ronkies off the Wharf and surf fishing during the “good old days” of Gaviota to tending line on a “Black Fleet” abalone boat.  He soon started diving abalone and worked from the Farallons to Point Loma.   Over the years, he has fished lobster, gill netted and harpooned swordfish, dove coral and currently is diving sea urchin.  Michael went back to school in 2005 and earned an Associate Degree in accounting which has served him well as treasurer of CFSB and in a small bookkeeping business.  He also manages the CFSB Gear Storage Yard and is active with the Fishermen Oil Response Team helping to clean up oil spills on our coast.  Harrington emphasizes that CFSB gives fishermen a respected voice, and that our fishermen care deeply about the environment. He will continue working to enhance the power and value of CFSB to benefit the port and our greater community. 

Mike McCorkle grew up near Hermosa Beach and fished with a rod and reel off the Manhattan Beach pier as a kid. He bought his first boat the Rose Marie in his 20s, catching rockfish with hook and line and harpooning swordfish. He married his high school sweetheart, Linda, over 50 years ago and moved to Santa Barbara in 1964. Linda found them a house to rent in Montecito, right behind the Biltmore, for $125 a month! They raised their two sons here while Mike continued to fish. In 1987 Mike won the national Highliner of the Year Award for the excellence of his commercial fishing skills. He has been very active in ongoing protection of its local fisheries and has been a Stakeholder in the South Coast Marine Life Protection Act project. Mike is a walking encyclopedia of local fishing history and loves to tell a good tale about the remarkable things he seen over his lifetime on the water.

Gary Burke has been a full-time commercial fishermen and vessel owner since 1972, with experience harvesting abalone, albacore, shrimp, rockfish, salmon, swordfish, shark and seabass in the dive, troll, hook and line, set net, drift gill net and harpoon fisheries, in waters spanning Oregon to Mexico. Gary is owner/operator of the F/V Tytan, and currently targets swordfish, shark and sea bass. Gary has been an active participant in the MLPA process, and continues to be an tireless advocate for fisheries to the Pacific Fishery Management Council, state legislators and the media.

Steve coming soon!