CFSB Fisheries Advocacy

CFSB is actively engaged in a variety of issues affecting our port and/or California fisheries. Read below for more detail on current issues of concern.

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Domoic Acid Closures

Santa Barbara crabbers and lobstermen have been deeply engaged in discussions with regulators and policymakers about how to improve monitoring of domoic acid in a way that avoids unnecessary fishery losses while protecting public health. Read our latest post on DA monitoring in lobster or click below for an overview and collected resources.


Oil Spill Readiness

Santa Barbara fishermen actively train for oil spill response and are often the first ones at the scene. Their local knowledge of currents and weather and their nimble small boats are critical to spill containment. Read about the evolving situation shaping the role of our fishing fleet in Central Coast oil spill readiness.

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Offshore Monument Proposal

In late July, CA representative Sam Farr introduced Bill H.R. 5797 to create a new Marine National Monument surrounding most of California's offshore seamounts, banks and ridges. Certain defeat of this Bill paves the way for justifying a Presidential decree under the Antiquities Act. CFSB is working to ensure sustainable commercial fishing is not hurt by these political actions.


Groundfish Quota Transfer

CFSB is working on an agreement with The Nature Conservancy to acquire quota share in the groundfish trawl fishery to be harvested with fixed gear.  CFSB is connecting with other quota banks across the west coast to learn successful strategies for managing quota on behalf of our community as we prepare for the acquisition.


Protecting Domestic Swordfish Supply

West Coast Swordfish populations are robust and considered "under-exploited" by NOAA. The offshore drift gillnet fishery is highly regulated and demonstrates minimal bycatch. However, animal-rights activists regularly attempt to shut it down via ill-conceived CA senate bills on the topic. CFSB is helping to educate environmentalists and legislative staffers about the long-term sustainability of the swordfish fishery.

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Whale entanglement Training

The interaction of whales with fishing gear fluctuates over the years, but recently has been on the rise statewide. Santa Barbara fishermen recently attended a 2-day training event to learn best practices and continue to work with managers to find ways to reduce interactions with whales.  NOAA's latest guidelines were just released. Click below for the link to them and more info.