Ventura Shellfish Enterprise & CFSB's letter of support

Dear CFSB Members,

The next public engagement workshop about the proposed Ventura Shellfish Enterprise is Tuesday April 11 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Four Points Sheraton in Ventura Harbor. Please attend if you can.

This workshop will focus on opportunities to minimize the risks of environmental impacts (including cumulative impacts or carrying capacity of the region for the project’s planned production) and maximize the benefits of offshore shellfish production through management and design of grower regulations.

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The board of CFSB sent a letter of support for the Ventura Shellfish Enterprise to the Ventura Harbor Commission. We are supportive of this venture because we want to see more folks who will add to our constituency as watermen and women, and we think it is good for our coastal economy to see a new form of California seafood on the market. 

We also made suggestions to support the long term success of the endeavor, stressing the need for continued transparency and a focus on local control, co-management and accountability. We propose that priority is given to working with leasees who have a demonstrated track record of commercial fishing or mariculture, live locally, and have sound business plans that avoid overcapitalization. We hope to continue to be involved in guiding the process as it takes shape.

See the full letter here

Thank you,

Kim Selkoe,

Executive Director, CFSB