Groundfish Quota Transfer

CFSB is working on an agreement with The Nature Conservancy to acquire their quota share in the groundfish trawl fishery to be harvested with fixed gear.  The purposes of quota acquisition are:

Securing community ownership of access rights to manage and harvest certain IFQ groundfish species in the Santa Barbara region.

Collaborating with local fishery stakeholders, including scientists, fishermen, and community business leaders to determine best use of fishing privileges to support the local fishing economy and fishing-dependent infrastructure and services.

Administering and managing fishing privileges for social, economic, and environmental benefits by developing and participating in community based fishery management that strives to meet needs of local community while maintaining or improving resource and ocean health.

Improving knowledge of and information on regional fish stocks and marine resources in order to support cooperative and adaptive management of the fishery.  

CFSB is connecting with other quota banks across the west coast to learn successful strategies for managing quota on behalf of our community as we prepare for the acquisition.